Time / Image

Krannert Art Museum

January 29 - April 23, 2016

Blaffer Art Museum
September 26 - December 12, 2015

Time / Image explores the deep relationship among cinema, time, and thought in contemporary art. The selected artists address time as an expansive dimension for interrogating the chronologies that govern how we live, for revisiting historical narratives and inherited genealogies, and for proposing futures yet to exist.

They each seek out and develop temporal strategies of representation, whether in cinematic images that animate the past and revive ghostly residues, in montage and other creative juxtapositions that posit trans-historical and formal alignments, or in their close attention to mediums capable of representing time, including cinema and video but also photography, sculpture, and painting.

The exhibition’s title and loose philosophical framework refer to Gilles Deleuze’s texts on cinema, which he argued shaped time as a tangible and active force in the world, capable of being reordered and reimagined.

Time / Image features works by Siemon Allen, Matthew Buckingham, Allan deSouza, Andrea Geyer, Leslie Hewitt, Isaac Julien, Lorraine O’Grady, Trevor Paglen, Raqs Media Collective, Ruth Robbins, and Gary Simmons. 

Curator: Amy L. Powell



Anthony Hawley, on "Time-Image" at the Blaffer Museum (Modern Painters, January 2016)

Link to exhibition catalogue

Photos: Kathryn Koca Polite and Nash Baker