Time/Image explores the interrelationship of time and thought in contemporary art. The exhibition and its accompanying catalogue take Gilles Deleuze's concept of "the time-image" as an open provocation and loose philosophical framework to consider contemporary practices shaping perception of time as a tangible and active force in the world. The selected artists and filmmakers understand time expansively rather than quantitatively. They revisit historical narratives and inherited genealogies to interrogate the chronologies governing how we live and to propose new attachments and possible futures. This book features contributions by Kara Keeling, Amy L. Powell, Raqs Media Collective, and Jeannine Tang.

Time / Image features works by Siemon Allen, Matthew Buckingham, Allan deSouza, Andrea Geyer, Leslie Hewitt, Isaac Julien, Lorraine O’Grady, Trevor Paglen, Raqs Media Collective, Ruth Robbins, and Gary Simmons.

Fall 2015
Design: Project Projects